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Curriculum in Schools

Educating students on sustainable agriculture and healthy eating

Sustainable Environment

What is sustainability?  How does our immediate neighborhoods connect with the global community?  In this unit, students are introduced to the importance of planning for the future through personalized hands-on activities and lessons.


Exploring Food Systems

How does food arrive on our dinner plate?  Farmers, factories, vendors, and more work as part of a food chain.  Students will also learn about the fate of food waste - food that are not eaten.


Hydroponics Systems

How do hydroponics units work?  Beyond the units available from Seedling, hydroponics exist in a variety of forms, and can be used to grow all sorts of produce!


Business Practices

How do businesses work? We share the secrets of beginning a start-up and the various considerations of a business.  Oh, and there will be pitching contests as well!

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