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Hydroponics: "Farming of the future"

A global movement has emerged in recent years for hydroponic farming, in which soil and sun, must-haves in traditional farming, are discarded in favor of alternative growing media and growth lights.

For many, growing outside in one's own garden is a luxury - for others, it is a chore.  What links both groups is the cheap, easy, and quick way to grow food from the comfort of your homes.

Many different types of hydroponic systems exist, with deep water reservoir, wicks, ebb and flow, and aeroponic to name a few.


Our Unit

Our hydroponics farming unit was carefully researched and designed by our prototyping team over the course of a year.  The final design is in the form of a 5-quart deep water reservoir system with LED growth lights that can grow plants like lettuce within 4-6 weeks.  Fun fact:  We use coconut fibers as our growing media!


How to Use

Hydroponics farming seem like an exotic new concept reserved only for those willing to dedicate time to research and test - but in truth they are quite easy to use!  See the sustainable agriculture manual below for the instructions on how to use our hydroponic farming unit, compiled by our team.

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