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Two children hold flowers that are growing on a tree.


Seedling aims to improve health outcomes through food equity education for Baltimore youth.

1 in 3 children in Baltimore are food insecure. Simultaneously, Baltimore has defunded the agriculture program. That's where Seedling comes in.


We believe that education is at the heart of sprouting long-lasting change in the community. We've partnered with several local schools and youth programs to integrate a custom, interactive curriculum which covers topics ranging from hydroponics and food systems to equity and computer-aided design. Our work targets at-risk youth, and their feedback informs our operations.

Seedling also builds and provides hydroponic units, which are tools that grow plants using a water-based nutrient solution in replacement of soil. 

Our Timeline


Spring 2022

Fall 2022

Fall 2023 - Present


Fall 2022

Seedling was planted. Our original founders were Arshdeep Singh, Nate Ji, William Blair, and more members.

Seedling was incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit organization. At this point, Seedling was only involved in designing, manufacturing, and selling hydroponics.

We transitioned to a two pronged model. We began developing our education curriculum in addition to building hydroponic units.

We launched our product and built our education system. We became connected with various Baltimore public schools. 

We launched our 40-hour curriculum and taught 5 weekly sessions, which impacted over 200 students. 

Seedling also joined the Social Innovation Lab cohort! We connect with other growing ventures and expand our goals and mission. 

Seedling has continued to grow since. We've connected with food security-related gardens, volunteer organizations, and nonprofits. Our curriculum is continuously being expanded and strengthened.

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