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Seedling offers an interdisciplinary, experiential curriculum for youth in schools and afterschool programs that teaches agriculture, food systems, business, and more.

Our curriculum promotes awareness of food insecuritysustainable habits, career development, and community service. We supplement our program with our hydroponics units, which provide students the opportunity to grow their own fresh, nutritious produce.


By bridging the gap between education and application, Seedling teaches youth to lead healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

Hear what our students have to say!


"It's different because we're learning about subjects that we do not learn on a basis. Seedling is more active than other classes and teaches more about how we can protect our environment."

- Student in Seedling's pilot course at Green Street Academy, 2023

01. Growing Plants


Students will...

  • Learn about the importance of plants

  • Be able to identify parts of a plant

  • Explore the roles of animals and insects in the garden

  • Help maintain an outdoor school garden

  • Practice sustainable gardening methods

  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world

02. Hydroponics

Students will...

  • Grow plants using our hydroponics units

  • Learn the different parts of a hydroponics system

  • Explore different hydroponics systems

  • Compare traditional and hydroponics gardening methods

  • Receive take-home mason jar hydroponics units


03. Food Systems & Sustainability

Farm Equipment Parts Repair

Students will...

  • Learn how food travels from the farm to the dinner plate

  • Engage in fun activities to simulate a working food system

  • Learn about food waste and brainstorm ways to prevent it

  • Learn about the impact of greenhouse gases on climate change

  • Identify ways to practice sustainable living in their home

04. Nutrition and Food Science

Students will...

  • Explore the basics of food science through hands-on experiments

  • Learn about nutrition guidelines and healthy eating

  • Be introduced to the world of chemistry and the elements

  • Understand and identify chemical reactions in everyday life

Children in Science Class

05. Water Quality


Students will...

  • Learn about the importance of clean water

  • Understand what makes water safe enough to drink

  • Build and use pH testing kits to test for clean water

  • Learn about fertilizer runoff and acid rain through fun demonstrations and experiments

06. Arduino

Students will...

  • Compare and contrast hardware and software

  • Learn the basics of programming

  • Use Arduino to program basic circuits and sensors

  • Learn about the applications of Arduino in agriculture

Computer Board

07. Computer-Aided Design


Students will...

  • Learn techniques to draw 3D shapes and structures

  • Practice designing 3D objects in FreeCAD

  • Learn about the applications of CAD in the professions

  • Design an object of their choice to be 3D printed

08. Business

Students will...

  • Be able to provide examples of products and services

  • Learn the basics of enterepreneurship and marketing

  • Practice their communication and presentation skills

  • Create a business model and pitch their idea to the class


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08. Business

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