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Seedling offers an interdisciplinary, experiential curriculum for youth in schools and afterschool programs that teaches agriculture, food systems, business, and more.

Our curriculum promotes awareness of food insecuritysustainable habits, career development, and community service. We supplement our program with our hydroponics units, which provide students the opportunity to grow their own fresh, nutritious produce.


By bridging the gap between education and application, Seedling teaches youth to lead healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

"It's different because we're learning about subjects that we do not learn on a basis. Seedling is more active than other classes and teaches more about how we can protect our environment."


- Student in Seedling's pilot course at Green Street Academy (2023)

01. Growing Plants


Get your hands dirty and your green thumbs ready! We'll dig into the soil, plant some seeds, and watch our garden grow together. It's a hands-on adventure where we'll discover the magic of plants, learn how to care for them, and maybe even find a few friendly garden critters along the way!

02. Hydroponics

Dive into the future of farming with hydroponics! Watch leafy greens thrive without ever touching soil, learn about plant nutrients, and build your own mini hydroponics systems.


03. Nutrition & Food Science

Through a hands-on adventure, we'll explore where deliciousness meets science. Kids will learn about healthy eating, food groups, and balancing well-being.

04. Food Systems & Sustainability

Discover how your plate connects to the planet as we explore food waste and sustainable agriculture. From recycling games to energy-saving challenges, we'll explore ways to turn green ideas into action!


05. Water Quality


Splash around as we investigate the secrets of H2O, test water from different sources, and learn how to keep our aquatic ecosystems clean and healthy!

06. Arduino

Join us on a digital adventure where you'll learn to speak the language of computers, create interactive gadgets with Arduino, and make your ideas come to life in pixels and circuits. Get ready to code, tinker, and have a blast in the world of technology!

Computer Board

07. Computer-Aided Design


Ready to design your dreams? Learn to sculpt in virtual 3D, draft intricate drawings and plans, and bring your ideas to life on the screen. Get ready for a hands-on journey where your imagination takes center stage!

08. Business & Entrepreneurship

Dive into the world of startups, create your own business plans, and learn the art of leadership. Get ready to pitch, profit, and have a blast on the path to success!


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08. Business

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