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Hydroponics revolutionizes traditional farming practices by growing plants without soil. It's fast, sustainable, and efficient. 

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Hydroponics uses nutrient-rich water solutions instead of soil. Produce from hydroponics qualify to be certified as organic.

With hydroponics, you can grow fresh herbs, microgreens, and leafy greens year-round and in the comfort of your own home. Our units use the deep water culture method of growing plants.


Observe increased produce yield.


Conserve water and reduce pesticide use.


Grow in areas with limited arable land.

Our Units

The purchase of our units directly supports our work in supporting educational equity and food literacy in Baltimore through educational programming.

Large Hydroponics Unit


Our large hydroponics unit is a 5-quart deep water reservoir system with 12 net pots and LED grow lights.









Mason Jar Hydroponics Unit


Our mason jar hydroponics unit allows you to grow fresh produce from the comfort of your own home in a sustainable, resource-saving container.


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